In addition to your training, the Media Library provides you with another kind of learning…

Including a wide range of information holdings such as books, workbooks, method books, and other reading material, as well as movies, songs, online resources. All of these holdings are accessible to anyone and foster your familiarity with French culture.

Another kind of learning? Like…

Developing a comprehensive workplan:

- Overall understanding through listening to easy reading material
- In-depth understanding through reading of the easy reading material

Following up your progress:

- Overviews of your work
- Making use of engaging visual media
- Adapting your program


- Language partnerships
- Language cafés, etc.

Asking for help and guidance:

- Five librarians and a receptionist are always there for you
- Checking activity and tip sheets

Defining realistic and concrete aims:

- Reading an article
- Understanding a song
- Writing 10 sentences with…, etc.

Working on a regular basis:

- On a daily basis
- At least 10 min
- At a specific time of the day

Material for teachers:

a series of baseline FLE/French as a foreign language method books
thousands of books and periodicals specialising in:
- teaching
- language teaching
- training engineering
- language sciences


- access to the library is open and free for CLA interns
- access is charged for non-CLA visitors: on-the-spot consultation only, and subject to authorisation. Please contact us for more information.
- CLA interns can borrow documents from the library for free
- access to the Internet, Intranet Portal and Wi-Fi is free
- photocopying and printing facilities

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