Support for training projects – Educational and training engineering

Drawing on its extensive experience, the CLA has been building up strategies of project creation, follow-up, and assessment ideally suited for contemporary contexts:

  • operator and partner of many educational cooperation actions on behalf of various countries
  • operator for diverse FSP (Fonds de Solidarité Prioritaire/Priority Solidarity Funds) schemes such as in Algeria, Angola, Nigeria, etc.
  • delegate project manager in the steering of educational cooperation actions such as in Chad, etc.
  • quality control (audit, consulting)
  • strategic watch, knowledge capitalisation, and networking
  • design and expertise of programs, reference guides, and curricula
  • design of teacher and trainer training schemes
  • feasibility studies and management of international projects
  • development of school and network plans
  • design of university FLE (Français Langue Étrangère/French as a Foreign Language) programs
  • design and expertise of resource centres : creation, management, documentary practices