On this page you will find the profiles of the teacher-researchers who work at the CLA and are affiliated to the ELLIADD research unit at the Université de Franche-Comté.


Myriam Abou-Samra

Myriam Abou-Samra specializes in analyzing classroom interactions and teaching scientific subjects in a foreign language (the topic of her PhD thesis). Her work at the CLA revolves around teaching French as a foreign language to children, teenagers and adults and teaching in bi/multilingual settings such as immersion or bi/multilingual programs (FLSco), teaching non-linguistic subjects in French (DNL) and teaching academic French (FOU). Her research focuses on teaching/learning French and nonlinguistic subjects in a bi/multilingual environment. She is particularly interested in how teachers who work in this type of environment are trained. She has also co-authored two French teaching textbooks: Edito A2 and Edito B1. See her full profile and publications here.


Régine Llorca

Régine Llorca has been an associate professor at the CLA since 1991. She specializes in analyzing the music of speech and how it relates to meaning and grammar. The objective of her research work is to understand how we learn by listening and using our body language and to present new, creative ways of working in class, using activities which combine rhythm and gesture and exercises based on her playful videos. She also teaches in our teacher training program and master’s degree, and often participates in missions abroad. See her YouTube channel here.


Cécile Medina

Cécile Medina specializes in French for specific purposes and conducts her work using the methods and theories associated with action research. She develops work relationships with professionals from different business fields (construction, hospitality, aesthetics, manufacturing, medicine, dentistry, etc.) and other researchers (sociologists, ethnologists, psychologists, mathematicians, etc.). She is involved in several projects, including teaching and teacher training for French for specific purposes (FOS and FLP) and academic French (FOU) courses. She is particularly interested in questions such as the feelings of insecurity experienced by both teachers and students when they communicate, training French-speaking professionals who work with non-native learners and how language teaching can help teach other subjects. See her full profile and publications here.


Sophie Othman

Sophie Othman’s research focuses on the use of technology in the field of teaching languages and how digital tools can help create new content and provide innovative language teaching and learning situations through online pedagogical interaction. After writing a PhD thesis on how technology can be used to train teachers, she was involved in the management of several national, European and international digital projects. By combining research, development and analysis, she ensures that both teachers and students can benefit from the latest technologies. See her full profile and publications here.


Inka Wissner

Inka Wissner specializes in foreign languages and French in the French-speaking world, focusing on comparative approaches and methodological matters. After graduating in English and French from the University of Bonn, she obtained doctorates in French Language (Sorbonne) and French Linguistics (Bonn). She is particularly interested in historical and comparative (socio)linguistics, in contact situations (European languages - dialects - Creoles) and field surveys. Her teaching focuses on comparing modern languages, French linguistics, the French-speaking world and cultures, plurilingualism, translation, as well as on French and English as modern and academic languages. See her full profile and publications here.