Besançon is located in eastern France, south of Strasbourg and north of Lyon, within a cross-border area shared with Switzerland and Germany. Moreover, the Franche-Comté region – of which Besançon is the capital city – boasts an incredibly rich heritage and “terroir” (local soil).

All year long, the Cultural Service offers various types of outings to the CLA students:

  • half-day trips around the countryside taking you for a tour of smaller cities, villages, and architectural legacy, such as the Chapelle de Ronchamp, the Saline d’Arc-et-Senans, the city of Ornans, etc.
  • culinary and historical trips inviting you to taste regional cheese and wine or to discover famous French figures who would live in Franche-Comté long ago: Louis Pasteur, Gustave Courbet, Victor Hugo, etc.
  • day or weekend trips around France to big cities (eastbound mostly) such as Strasbourg, Lyon, Metz, Annecy, Dijon, etc.
  • trips to neighbouring countries: Switzerland (Geneva, Lausanne, Bern, Gruyères), Germany (Freiburg), Luxembourg, etc.