Course Objective

Course Description


The Center for Applied Linguistics (CLA) of the University of Franche-Comté has partnered with the Higher Institut of Fine Art to provide a new program of French + Art and Design in Besançon.

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This program is a 3-month course. It is destined for students who want study French and art before applying to a Bachelor’s Degree to the Higher Institut of Fine Art in France. This preparatory course will allow you to enhance your knowledge in the French language and culture, all the while studying design and applied arts.

The syllabus includes general French as a Foreign Language and cultural classes in the morning and afternoons are devoted to the discovery of art and graphic design.


French as Foreign language and cultural classes (15 hours / week in the morning)

The courses allows students to learn effective and efficient comprehension as well as oral and written expression with a steady rhythm over a period of 3 month based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The students will have a placement test upon arrival and will be oriented to the groups of their French proficiencies. The methods of learning focus on individual progress, encouraging students to actively participate and to live their learning experience by having direct contact with the French way of life.


Art and graphic design classes (6 hours / week in the afternoon)

Focusing on both theory and practice in art and graphic design, participants will acquire solid knowledge in modern and contemporary art history. They will also learn to situate and conceptualize their work within the frame of contemporary art using a wide range of references. Practical exercises will allow participants to understand what will be expected from them in French art schools. Thus, they will produce a body of personal works and constitute a portfolio necessary for their application. The courses are designed in relation to institutional expectations in order to enhance candidates’ creativity and prepare them to the entrance exams.


Validation: You will receive a training certificate at the end of the course.

Possibility to take in addition the French language Diploma – DELF.


Accommodation: Campus Housing 257 EUR (Extra cost)