Forms and Deadlines

Internships in FLE/French as a Foreign Language: your registration form (filled out) should come with the downpayment cheque for the amount foreseen under the course catalogue, or with the form (filled out) for the covering of the payment of your course fees. In addition, you should fill out and provide the file entitled “Pour mieux vous connaître” (see further below). Afterwards, you should return all these documents to the CLA of Besançon at least two weeks prior to the beginning of the scheduled session.

As for Summer Courses, however, we recommend that you enrol as early as possible.
Your registration will be regarded as complete as soon as the downpayment – whose amount is indicated in the rate/schedule section when registering – is made.

The balance is due 15 days prior to the start of the program (no later than the first day of the internship). Please do email us for more information.
An invitation mentioning the time and place of the first class will then be sent to each participant – according to their course.

Internships in Foreign Languages: enrollment is to be done in the online course catalogue at least a month prior to the outset of the first session. Payment of the registration fees is also to be done online, or by bank cheque if you pay 50% in advance – should this be the case, you will have to pay the balance the day of your arrival, prior to the start of your course.

As soon as we receive payment, you will be sent your proof of registration.

For FLE students only: the file “Pour mieux vous connaître”

The file “Pour mieux vous connaître” (“To get to know you better”) will provide us with a first evaluation of your level. It does not at all stand in for the placement test or the entrance examination you may have to sit once you arrive at the CLA.

Please send it back to us together with your registration form.

Placement Tests

Interns in Foreign Languages will be sent a placement test as soon as we receive their registration form and if the training course they wish to attend requires it.

Once you have filled out this test, please send it back to us by return post as we will form the various level groups out of these tests.

Payment Methods

The payment of the registration fees may be done:

  • by postal bank or traveller’s cheques made out in Euros to “à l’ordre de Monsieur l’Agent comptable de l’Université de Franche-Comté” (the accounting officer of the university) and to be sent or handed to the “CLA, 6 rue Gabriel Plançon, 25030 Besançon cedex, FRANCE”
  • by bank transfer – don’t forget to mention which training course you chose. The references of our bank account are as follow:
  • Références du compte: DRFIP Franche-Comté Doubs - 63, quai Veil-Picard - F-25030 Besançon cedex
  • Code banque: 10071
  • Code guichet: 25000
  • Numéro de compte: 00001002577
  • Clé RIB: 08
  • Code IBAN: FR 76 1007 1250 0000 0010 0257 708
  • Code BIC: TRPUFRP1)
  • by money order to “à l’ordre de Monsieur l’Agent comptable de l’Université de Franche-Comté” – should you pick this payment option, remember to join a photocopy of the post office’s receipt to your registration form when sending it
  • online
  • cash – in euros – only for amounts under €300.00


Whatever training you have chosen, any session validated is to be paid in full. Only due to reasons of force majeure will any withdrawal and repayment be allowed. These motives may be: visa denial, sickness, accident, natural disaster, death of the spouse, of a parent, of a child, etc., and must be duly justified on presentation of supporting documents such as denial letters, medical certificates, etc.

Formal training

If you are compelled to renounce the training course you had enrolled in, we propose that you transfer your downpayment into any other of our programs – and this, for a year.
It is highly important, however, that we are told about your withdrawal prior to the start of the training for which you had registered. If no transfer were possible, you would be repaid the amount already given less a €60.00 deduction for administrative expenses.

Training on request

If you are forced to give up the training in which you had enrolled, please let us know at least a week prior to its beginning.
Should this deadline not be respected, we shall be obliged to charge you a fee for the first day of class.


Except for cases of force majeure, any unjustified absence of the intern will be charged to them.


The CLA takes all possible care to the organisation of a training course. Nonetheless, if it happened, 2 weeks prior to the scheduled date, that the minimum number of participants required for a course wasn’t reached, we would have to cancel it.
You would then be fully refunded your registration fees.

Bank Holidays

The price and duration of a training course take into account potential bank holidays.


The CLA of Besançon is usually closed during the Christmas period.
The precise dates feature in the current schedule/rate section (when registering).


The CLA of Besançon disclaims all liability for any accident.
Interns are advised to check with their insurance organisation that their policy indeed covers risks that may arise during their training.