Student Residences

The Résidence Colette is located on the Campus de La Bouloie, on the outskirts of Besançon, two miles away from the downtown area. The district of La Bouloie is very commuter-friendly, with frequent bus service. On-campus accommodation is for university students, over-16 secondary school students, and interns only.
The Résidence Canot is situated next to the CLA and is for international teachers only.

Young Workers’ Hostels (Foyers de Jeunes Travailleurs)

Besançon has two young workers’ hostels called La Cassotte and Les Oiseaux that offer enjoyable rooms for stays of any duration, in a friendly setting with catering, entertainment, and information services.


You can take a room in a flat you will share with other students. Rooms are single, kitchen and bathroom are shared. Rates on request (depending on your internship period).