Tourist hotels

A number of hotels located downtown or in the immediate suburbs of Besançon offer excellent service. Most of these hotels grant CLA interns a discount on their rates (from 10 to 20%). Discounts may vary depending on the duration and the period of your stay.

Here are some of these hotels:

  • Résidence Moncey
  • Hôtel du Nord
  • Hôtel Best Western Citadelle
  • Hôtel Ibis-La City
  • Hôtel Mercure

Confirmation of your registration at the CLA of Besançon doesn’t automatically provides you with accommodation. Any housing request should be done while enrolling in one of our training courses featuring in the online catalogue. Fill in the “Accommodation Request” (demande d’hébergement) form at the end of the registration process. You will then be emailed as soon as possible the contact details of a housing you should get in touch with in order to confirm your booking.

International Hostels

The Centre International de Séjour (CIS) is an international hostel supplied with modern facilities that deliver quality accommodation. We recommend the CIS as a temporary housing solution. It is not downtown-located; yet very commuter-friendly.